Taiwan’s Foxconn, renowned for its manufacturing of Apple’s iPhones, is demonstrating a strong commitment to India despite exiting a significant chipmaking project there. The company is planning to make “billions” of dollars in investments in India, highlighting the country’s potential as a diversification destination for supply chains beyond China.

India Operations and Growth Potential

Foxconn’s operations in India play a crucial role in the company’s global portfolio. The $10 billion generated by its India operations represents nearly 5% of its impressive annual turnover of $207 billion. Chairman Young Liu emphasized the positive energy of the Indian market and its vast potential, indicating that the projected investments are just the beginning. He believes that with India’s substantial market size and the successful implementation of their plans, the investments will serve as a stepping stone for further growth.

Expanding Business Horizons

Foxconn’s vision for India extends beyond its renowned iPhone manufacturing capabilities. The company is looking to diversify its business operations by producing key components for consumer electronics, an essential sector driven by increasing global demand for smart devices. Additionally, Foxconn sees electric vehicles (EVs) as a major growth area. This aligns with India’s push towards EV adoption and sustainable transportation solutions, making it a strategic market for the company’s expansion.

Continued Presence and Commitment

Foxconn’s substantial presence in India is a testament to its long-term commitment. Operating more than 30 factories in the country since 2006, the company has a strong foothold in the Indian manufacturing landscape. While its decision to exit a chipmaking joint venture with Vedanta was initially viewed as a setback, Foxconn promptly clarified its commitment to Indian chip manufacturing. It intends to leverage India’s growing emphasis on domestic semiconductor production by participating in a government program that offers subsidies for setting up semiconductor or electronic display production facilities.

India’s Role in Global Supply Chains

India’s emergence as a key player in global supply chains is gaining momentum, driven by factors such as a large consumer base, skilled workforce, and favorable government policies. Foxconn’s continued investments reflect the broader trend of multinational companies diversifying their supply chains beyond China. This trend was accelerated by disruptions caused by the pandemic and geopolitical factors, prompting companies to consider India as an attractive alternative for manufacturing and assembly.


Foxconn’s determination to invest “billions” of dollars in India showcases the country’s allure as a manufacturing destination for global corporations looking to diversify their supply chains. While the company’s exit from a major chipmaking project raised questions, its continued focus on India underscores the country’s potential for growth and expansion in the tech manufacturing sector. As India continues to develop its manufacturing ecosystem and improve its infrastructure, more companies are likely to follow Foxconn’s example and invest in India’s promising future.

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