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RF Anatomy educational system

Application & Online Platform

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The first AR anatomy atlas soon in your pocket!

Do you need an anatomy tool which contains every knowledge to pass anatomy exams and also demonstrate the movements of the organs and the body? Check out our next development, which will put the dissecting room into your pocket! Soon to be released!

RF Anatomy Atlas

Complete human anatomy atlas for the book lovers!

The printed human anatomy atlas soon to be published! If you buy the book, FRANATic is free for you! 

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You've got Questions, We've got Anatomy!

Human Anatomy

RF Anatomy contains 1100+ high detailed and spectacular anatomy images with more than 10.000 structures of the human body. Everything you need to know in the field of human anatomy!


Do you expect more from a complex medical educational platform? If yes, then hundreds of integrated zoomable histology images of microscope slides are waiting for you to memorize!

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Anatomy and histology do not reduce your hunger for knowledge? In such a case RF Anatomy provides you with a complete radiology atlas so you can learn about the human body from every possible point of view!

Test function

Test your progress in learning! The RF Anatomy app and online platform provides you with thousands of questions, image recognition tests and quizzes in order to help you to memorize the outstanding amount of information.

The future of human anatomy education!

Check out the video about how the RF Anatomy products will change the way medical students study all over the world!

Why choose RF Anatomy?

Granted M.D.

The RF Anatomy educational system is primarily designed for medical and other healthcare students who would like to acquire the deepest knowledge of human anatomy. The app and online platform offer outstanding amount of information in the field of modern human anatomy with more than 1100 Anatomy images together with Histology, Radiology and X-ray images. In order to ensure easy orientation, a search function was implemented in the appl which helps users to navigate among the 10000+ anatomy structures. Moreover we have adopted color coding to help the classification of the different structures.

In addition to the online knowledge transfer, we have decided to publish the RF Anatomy Atlas to satisfy every need of our clients. The book will get into production in the beginning of 2019.  The book will contain English and Latin nomenclature and color-coded terminology. The high-detailed and comprehensive content will help you from the beginning of the medical university throughout your carrier!

No matter what university you are attending or which country you are from, RF Anatomy is your must have partner in learning human anatomy!

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Explore the interactive features!

Note writing

Personalize the material you need to acquire! Write your own notes to the images by using the easily handleable lecture note writing function!


The RF Anatomy atlas is one of the most detailed atlases on the market! It consist of 1100+ anatomy images and several thousands of structures! Everything you need to know to pass anatomy exams are included!

Color coded terminology

Do you use highlighters to differentiate the kinds of structures? It is not necessary anymore! We have made work for you!


Do you have questions regarding the material? Did you get stuck? Ask questions directly from teachers! RF Anatomy teachers will guide you through the difficulties of medical school!

Learning management

Personalize your learning progress! Split the material you need to learn and add to the calendar. Add the time of your exams and manage your time of preparation!


Search among the collection of the structures in more languages!

Get insight into the app

Anatomy, histology, radiology, interactive features....what else do you need?

Our team

Get to know the development team

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Ádám Fábián


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Zoltán Regéczy


Norbert Hortobágyi

Norbert Hortobágyi


Sanad Al-syed

Sanad Al-syed

Head of Internal Development

Bone Johnny

Bone Johnny

Anatomy expert

Who we are?

RF Anatomy is an innovative content and software developer company which provides a complete educational platform for medical students, professionals and universities. The package involves an interactive human anatomy app, online platform and an exceptionally detailed printed human anatomy atlas with AR technology.

The company was founded in 2015 with the vision of improving health care and medical attendance by offering exceptional knowledge for medical
students, doctors and other health care workers. Since the foundation, it have won several professional competitions and constantly working on to develop the best learning management tool for the students and teachers of modern medical education!

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I have not seen such a good Anatomy app before in google play store. Pictures are clear and perfect. Many many thanks to developers. I must say this is a must have app for all Anatomy lovers around the world.

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Dr. Shaunak Das

Serampore, WB, India

Very high-quality drawings, guys. so I will definitely advise future students of your program. Thank you for the quality software.

Author Image

Никита Трифонов

Excellent learning tool. Clear diagrams and excellent graphics.

Author Image

Daniel Dutton

It is a lot better than my expectation and lot better than any other apps.

Author Image

Arul Ruler

I'm a medical student and this app is helpful. Thank you for making this easyer

Author Image

Adnan Gjokaj

Let the journey begin! Download the RF Anatomy educational platform and start your FREE trial!

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