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The RF Anatomy application is primarily designed for medical students who would like to acquire the deepest knowledge of human anatomy. The application offers outstanding amount of information in the field of modern human anatomy with more than 1200 Anatomy images together with Histology, Radiology and X-ray images. In order to ensure easy orientation, a search function was implemented in the application which helps users to navigate among the 10000+ anatomy structures. Moreover we have adopted color coding to help the classification of the different structures.

In addition to the online knowledge transfer, we have decided to publish the RF Anatomy Atlas Book to satisfy every need of our clients. The book will get into production in 2017 and will be available in the beginning of 2018. The book will contain English and Latin nomenclature and color coded terminology. The high-detailed and comprehensive content will help you from the beginning of the medical university throughout your carrier!

No matter what university you are attending or which country you are from, RF Anatomy is your must have partner in learning human anatomy.

Company description

RF Anatomy is an innovative content and software developer startup company which provides a complete educational platform for medical students, professionals and universities. The package involves an interactive 2D human anatomy app, online platform and an exceptionally detailed
printed human anatomy atlas.

Our company was founded in 2015 with the vision of improving health care and medical attendance by offering exceptional knowledge about human anatomy for medical
students, doctors and other health care workers. Since the foundation, we have won several startup competitions and we are working on to share our award-winning content with every healthcare students and workers all over the world!

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